Educational Workshops and training

"Prevention through education"

With over 17 years of experience in teaching, educational research and CPD writing/delivery,  in both schools and professional settings, the Themis Project has created educational programmes to suit both educational and professional settings. Training on Domestic Abuse can be designed and delivered to suit a variety of requirements and settings. To date, Themis has provided training not only in schools but the Fire Brigade, Social Services and Voluntary support groups.

Online CPD training following from the Covid Crisis - 

A free staff CPD online training course is now available to help teachers and support staff understand the impact of exposure to Domestic/Relationship abuse.

''The Silent Witness' -  Managing and understanding youngsters exposed to Domestic Abuse.

Following the Covid Crisis, domestic abuse cases have significantly risen with children being 'The Silent Witness' within the confines of lockdown. The interactive course lasts around 70-90 minutes and covers the following - 

Abuse in the context of the home

Effects on the child and family unit

Possible legal repercussions

How to support the child and family

This also covers how to support students who may be called as a witness under the new laws in Controlling and Coercive behaviour. 

Please email using the address below to find out further information and book your place. 

In-school student workshops

The Themis project can fulfill the full government’s current SRE requirements into the school, through an interactive workshop which can be designed to meet the needs of your specific school/educational setting. The workshop includes:


  • Definition of relationship abuse and current law

  • Signs of relationship abuse

  • How relationship abuse can cause harm and even loss of life

  • Sexualised bullying

  • When ‘No’ means ‘No’

  • Avoiding becoming a victim

  • How to get out of an abusive relationship

  • Effects of an abusive relationship on family and friends

  • Making positive relationship choices

Student feedback is very positive.

“This was really interesting and really made you think. Even being in a relationship it puts things into perspective that some things that’s going on may not be healthy.” – Maddie, 18.

 "Claires workshop was a really good way to make us see whats right when we have boyfriends, I know some of my friends already have stuff going on so I hope now they will make good choices ” –  Lauren, 15.

In March 2017, the government amended their Child and Social Work Bill. The government now require and integrated approach to relationship education.  

Education Secretary Justine Greening said:

“RSE and PSHE teach children and young people how to stay safe and healthy, and how to negotiate some of the personal and social challenges they will face growing up and as adults. These subjects form part of the building blocks young people need to thrive in modern Britain. At the moment, too many young people feel they don’t have the RSE they need to stay safe and navigate becoming an adult.”

Sarah Green, Co-director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, said:

This is a real step forward in ending violence against women and girls and we commend the government for listening to experts and responding. It opens the door to high-quality RSE that will let young people have the essential conversations about consent, respect and LGBT equality. Quality RSE is a chance to talk with young people about how men and women treat each other, and to challenge the attitudes which minimise or make excuses for abuse of women and girls. It is a chance to emphasise such violence is always unacceptable, whether on our streets or in our schools.”