In December 2015, changes were made to the Domestic Abuse laws after government recognition that the laws needed to be tightened. Our government now see domestic abuse as a priority area that needs to be addressed. The Home Office reported that there was a need to strengthen the laws on domestic abuse (IA no:HO0160). The new law has criminalised a code of conduct in domestic abuse. Further more the HMSC  recognised and reported that Domestic Abuse captures the dynamics of sinister exploitation relying on the fact that the perpetrators are in a loving relationship to conceal the fact that they are an abuser. ’ This law has put into place to drive a culture of change and prevent Domestic Abuse. The government seek to understand the subtleties of an abusive relationship and reduce victims and repeat victims. The HMSC would like to increase the reporting of Domestic Abuse and to bridge the gap to understanding that Domestic Abuse is not just violence.


HMSC reported that too many perpetrators are going undetected intimidating those closest to them.  Those with recorded gender, the offenders were recorded as 92.4% men and 7.6% women (CPS VAG report 2015). Although statistics show that this crime falls mainly on women, it is clearly recognized by the Themis project that many men do not report domestic abuse and we fully support and help male victims as well as female. The HMSC impact assessment stated their aim is to ‘encourage women to come forward and bring justice to women so they can rebuild their lives.